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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Yoplait yoghurt with our Frequently Asked Questions below. Feel free to contact us here for any further questions.

Is Yoplait yoghurt healthy?

Yoplait yoghurt makes for a nutritious breakfast, snack or treat. It’s made with real fruit and the goodness of dairy. Yoplait yoghurt is a nutritious product that should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. For any nutritional information, please view our individual product information or speak to your local healthcare professional.

Where can I purchase Yoplait yoghurt?

Yoplait yoghurt is currently available to purchase at ColesWoolworths, and independent grocers such as FoodWorks and IGA.

What does Yoplait mean in French?

Unfortunately, Yoplait is not French for yoghurt. However, Yoplait is widely synonymous around the globe with yoghurt, and is enjoyed by many!

How much sugar does Yoplait yoghurt have?

At Yoplait, our aim is to minimise sugar throughout our yoghurts, while still delivering on taste. The sugar content and nutritional information varies across Yoplait’s product range. Some Yoplait products contain no added sugar or sweeteners, some are sweetened with non-sugar sweeteners, while others are sweetened with sugar. Learn more about our nutritional values on each product page.

What type of yoghurt is Yoplait?

We have a variety of different fruited yoghurts to enjoy, including mango, strawberry, raspberry and passionfruit. Our Petit Miam pouch range is the perfect addition to your child’s lunchbox or for an afternoon snack. We also make Yoplait Zero – an offer with the trinity of benefits i.e. no added sugar, low fat and only 80 calories per serve, Yoplait YOP – a grab and gulp yoghurt drink, and Yoplait Balance – a no added sugar whole milk yoghurt.

Do all Yoplait yoghurts contain probiotics?

All Yoplait yoghurts are made with live cultures! Our Yoplait Petit Miam and Yoplait Balance products also contain added probiotics. All Yoplait yoghurts naturally contain essential nutrients such as calcium. The nutrient composition of Yoplait yoghurts differs according to the product range – for further nutrition information, please refer to our individual product pages.

How is Yoplait yoghurt made?

Yoplait yoghurt is made from the goodness of Australian milk and real fruit, locally made in Victoria, Australia.

Is Yoplait yoghurt gluten free?

For further nutritional information, please refer to our individual product pages.

Are Yoplait products free of peanuts and/or tree nuts?

Yes, all yoghurts are peanut and tree nut free. Peanuts and tree nuts are not detected when processing Yoplait products. For further nutritional information, please refer to our individual product pages.

Are Yoplait yoghurt containers recyclable?

We recommend reusing Yoplait tubs as pots to grow seeds! Strawberries are a popular fruit to grow in our upcycled Yoplait containers. This fruit favourite is easy to grow in Yoplait’s pots, and is a fantastic home activity for kids.

Simply wash out your finished Yoplait container prior to potting. Consider painting the outside of your pot for some extra crafty fun!